4th Grade

4th Grade - Silva_Kristin159
Kristin Silva 
started teaching at St. Rose in 2007 after spending one year teaching in Special Education. She is currently teaching fifth grade and is in charge of the Student Council. She graduated from Concordia University in Portland in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Kristin married her husband, Marc in 2008, and their daughter, Lauren was born in December 2012.


Reading/ Language Arts
We use the Harcourt Trophies program which is an all-inclusive reading and language program. Each month focuses on a genre to explore and report about a book in that category. In addition, two novel studies focus on developing reading and comprehension skills, as well as connecting text to self. Language Arts focuses on continuing to develop grammar and punctuation skills with emphasis on capitalization, complete sentences and parts of speech.

We use the Harcourt Math program. Skills covered in fourth grade include multiplication and division, fractions and decimals, elapsed time, geometry and solving word problems. Our class also spends a week mastering basic multiplication and division facts, known as Multiplication Mania week.

Social Studies
We use Washington Our Home curriculum. The focus is discovering Washington State and all it has to offer. Topics include settling, Lewis and Clark, Native Americans and government. An annual trip to the state capitol takes place each spring. In addition, a unit on the Oregon Trail and 50 States is also covered.

We use HSP Science for our curriculum. Topics include cells and the human body, genes, solar system and electricity and magnets.

The Harcourt Trophies reading program provides good outlines of basic writing samples. Students write friendly letters to family members and classmates. They also take a piece of writing through the whole writing process every 2-3 weeks. This writing is descriptive, expository, persuasive or a narrative. A daily journal allows for creativity as well as focus on constructing good sentences and paragraphs. Students also focus on writing from a different perspective/point of view in several subject areas.

The Faith First curriculum is used in fourth grade. In addition to the basic curriculum requirements, students learn to write prayers that are meaningful to them, as well as learn to pray in different ways. Topics include the Torah, Beatitudes, Corporal Works of Mercy and stories from the Bible. In addition, each November students put on a “Living Saints” museum in which lives of Saints are celebrated.