5th Grade

Allen Legorburu

Allen Legorburu

Allen Legorburu is our 5th grade home room teacher and will teach Spanish for grades Kindergarten through 8th. Originally from the Basque region, Spain, he has taught Spanish, History and English. He received his education from two catholic schools and three universities, one of which is catholic as well. He enjoys running, mountain biking and duathlon racing. Allen looks forward sharing his joy of sports with our St. Rose community and the new school year.

Religion is taught not only in our Faith First Curriculum, but is also modeled in the faith-filled community within which we learn. Students learn about living a life of faith, celebrating the liturgy and the liturgical seasons of the church and making moral decisions. The curriculum is grounded in Scripture-based lessons. Prayer is part of the student’s ongoing school experience, and students plan and participate in a minimum of five masses throughout the year.

We utilize the Harcourt Math Series. In this program, students learn varying strategies for problem solving, practice basic skills used in everyday situations and participate in engaging and cooperative activities. We learn numeration concepts, four basic operations with fractions and integers, geometry, and basic algebra equations.

Reading and Language Arts
In fifth grade, we incorporate a comprehensive Reading/Language Arts curriculum called Trophies from Harcourt Publishers. This literature based program is utilized in conjunction with whole-based literature to deepen students’ appreciation for various authors and genres. Multiple opportunities are provided for students throughout the year to explore and share their reading experiences.

Students focus on the four major themes of writing that include Narrative, Expository, Persuasive and Descriptive and have opportunities for writing weekly journal responses. Students learn and use the many steps of the writing process. They learn to evaluate their writing through the organizing, revising and editing of their writing and share their writing after their work is published. Students practice language skills together within the writing curriculum to enhance their understanding of the process.

Social Studies
Employing Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Social Studies program, students explore the following major themes of early American History: Geography concepts and skills, Cultures of ancient North and South American Indian tribes, Explorers of the New World, Early Colonial America, American and Industrial Revolutions, Settlement of the West, the Civil War and Reconstruction.

The Harcourt Science Curriculum focuses on the major themes of Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. Each chapter of the varying themes and units focuses on the Scientific Method, providing students with a hands-on approach to learning. Students learn the importance of designing investigations, making detailed observations, and communicating their discoveries.