Band/Music Specialist

Mr. Harbaugh teaches music school wide in addition to beginning and advanced band.  He also  teaches guitar and elective classes.

Here are the links to our Epiphany Program. We were so sad that we had to cancel the performance due to weather. Sorry for the delay, but Mrs. Strader had a hard time trying to figure out how to post them for you all. (Note: The video is easier to view in a smaller internet window.)

Kindergarten                  First Grade              Second Grade                 Third Grade

Fourth Grade                 Fourth Grade & Middle School Spanish          Beginning Band            

5 & 6 Show Choir 1       5 & 6 Show Choir 2

Advanced Band 1          Advanced Band 2

We look forward to seeing you at our Spring Concert on Thursday, May 18. Concert begins at 6:00 in the parish center. Join us early for our Art Show in the school starting at 5pm.