CYO Sports

In October 2012, St. Rose School joined the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Sports program, which it had been part of in the 1960’s but not in recent years.

CYO Sports is part of Camp Howard and the Archdioceses of Portland.  CYO Sports is comprised of 36 Catholic and private elementary and middle schools in the Portland/Vancouver area.  The program offers youth in Southwest Washington and Portland the opportunity to participate in activities under conditions that are safe, enjoyable and promote Christian attitudes of fair play and cooperation.  Athletic programs encourage the growth of the whole person in physical fitness, positive mental attitude, spiritual growth, sportsmanship, and fair play.

CYO Sports offers seven different sport programs with participation by grade level varying from kindergarten through 8th  grade.  Sports offered are: football, cheerleading, basketball, volleyball, swimming, track and field, and lacrosse.  A referee training program is also available.   Monthly city-wide dances are also offered as well, but are limited to the seventh and eighth-grades only.

CYO Sports provides St. Rose students and families the opportunity to get connected with the broader community of Catholic Schools in our region.  Relationships are built between students and parents in other schools, and relationships are strengthened between students and families within St. Rose.

In 2012-13, St. Rose participated in third-grade boys basketball.  Basketball is the largest program offered, with 300 teams and 3000 kids participating. The boys have had a fantastic time with home games played at St. Rose School and away games in Vancouver and Portland.

We want to expand St. Rose’s program by offering more sports to more grade levels.  Click the link for more information on CYO Sport

If CYO sports interests you, please contact Pete Harnish and get involved.