Scrip program has gift cards to hundreds of stores and restaurants. In stock and pre-order available.

Scrip Order Form

Safeway Scrip

SCRIP is a fundraising program where the school purchases gift cards at a discount from various vendors and then resells them at face value. For example: A $100 Fred Meyer gift card is purchased by the school for $95 or a 5% discount. The school sells it to you for $100 and makes $5 in the process.

It is a year round fundraiser that does not require you to spend any money that you were not already going to spend. How is that possible? Any time you are going to buy something at a participating vendor (groceries, gas, coffee, office supplies, clothes, etc…) you purchase scrip to make the purchase. You get your stuff and St Rose School profits from that transaction by the amount of the discount times the value of the card.
This program and 3 others like it form our St. Rose School SCRIP Program and it generates about $18,000 a year in fundraising. Each school family is required to earn the school at least $100 in profit through SCRIP.

This program runs continuously, allowing families to contribute month after month. The SCRIP coordinator keeps track of your purchases and tracks your family’s contributions. At the end of every trimester you will receive a report on your progress so you know where you are vs the $100 threshold.

How to get SCRIP:

  1. SCRIP is sold in the school uniform room Monday through Friday from 8:05 – 8:30 am.
  2. SCRIP is also for sale after most weekend Masses.
  3. allows you to purchase SCRIP from a larger selectionof retailers, print out your gift cards, receive them as eGift Cards you can redeem from your smartphone and to reload existing gift cards so you can use them over and over again.
  4. eScrip: This is a program that Safeway participates in. You help St Rose by registering online and then shopping at Safeway.
  5. Fred Meyer Community Rewards. Like eScrip, you register online and when you shop at Fred Meyer St Rose makes money.

How to get started:

      1. Register yourself (and others) at if you are a Safeway shopper. Others that you sign up can contribute to your $100 requirement. Just let me know who they are if they sign up. See the attached form for details on how to register your Club Card.
      2. Register yourself (and others) at The link for Community Rewards located in the Rewards section. You will link your Rewards Card to St. Rose Catholic School NPO #81981.
      3. Buy some SCRIP after a weekend mass or in the mornings.
      4. Sign up for an account at and enable Presto Pay.You will need an enrollment code that I will provide you if you are interested. Just email me and I will send it to you.

Additional forms are available in the school office and they are also available on the school website. The SCRIP program is a share hour opportunity. If you are interested in volunteering to sell or to learn more about the SCRIP program, please contact the SCRIP Coordinator Shane Gearhart at you for your support.