Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A Student of St. Rose School will be:

A Christ centered learner who…

  • Is Christ-like in word, actions and relationships
  • Has knowledge of Catholic teachings and traditions
  • Demonstrates a relationship with God through participation in Mass, prayer and fellowship
  • Demonstrates respect for others and cultural diversity
  • Demonstrates stewardship for all God’s creation

A lifelong learner who…

  • Uses various resources, skills and strategies to increase knowledge and understanding of academic subjects
  • Demonstrates critical thinking skills
  • Communicates effectively through writing, speaking and listening
  • Is able to skillfully use technology to increase knowledge and productivity
  • Sets, monitors and evaluates personal goals
  • Develops habits that promote health of mind, body and soul

A responsible citizen who…

  • Serves the needs of the community and the world
  • Takes responsibility for their own choices and actions
  • Works for social justice
  • Works independently as well as cooperatively
  • Expresses feelings and opinions in a respectful manner